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Seven Months Old and On The Go!

As you can see from the amount of time that has passed since we last posted, things have been very busy in the Healy household. Our new year's resolution is to update the blog more frequently, so please check back to see if we've made good on our promise... ;-)


Seth Turns 4 Months Old (Plus Some New Pictures)

Life in the Healy household has been good and very busy since we last wrote (which is part of why we haven't written in a while). Suffield Academy is back in session as of today, and Amy heads back to work tomorrow. Seth will be at daycare at the school, along with several of the children of other faculty members. It's going to be a big adjustment (especially for Amy, who has been home with Seth all summer), but the people at daycare are great, and Seth will have lots of friends to hang out with. Amy has Monday and Tuesday mornings off, so she'll still get plenty of time with Seth.


Seth Rolls Over! [13 weeks old]

Today Seth rolled over from his stomach to his back on his own for the very first time! He had been rolling "off" of his tummy time pillow for a couple of weeks, using it as a kind of ramp to get himself onto his back. But today we took the pillow away and he rolled over completely on his own!


Seth Gains a Sense of Humor

Literally overnight, Seth seems to have gotten a real sense of humor. Today he began to smile and cackle whenever we kiss his tummy. He smiles wide during the kisses, then pauses, and laughs when it's done (as if asking for more). Needless to say, we've been playing this "game" a lot today.


Seth Turns 1/4

Today is Seth's 3-month birthday. Sometimes he still seems so tiny and young, and at other times it seems he's changed so much and grown so quickly since he was born. I guess both are true: he has changed a lot, but he's still just a little baby.


New Photos

Been a little short on sleep lately, but we've finally had some time to catch up on uploading recent photos! We've uploaded pictures from July 16th on through today. The only photos we haven't had time to update yet are those of the Healy reunion, but we'll be putting those up soon (we promise)!


Website works for Windows

Apologies to those who tried to read the blog this weekend and couldn't. I have a Mac, and I didn't test the page on a PC, so I didn't realize that the pages didn't show up correctly.


New Website Up and Running!

It's been over two months since Seth was born, and we've finally gotten the time to create a website with pictures and news about Seth. We'll be posting news about Seth (and us) here from time to time, and we'll be putting pictures in the gallery (click on the "Photo Gallery" link on the left-hand side of this page). Please note: you'll need a password to see most of the pictures in the gallery; if you need the password, just e-mail one of us and we'll send it to you.

Using the gallery


Seth Kekoa Healy

This morning at 9:42am, we welcomed the latest addition to the Healy family! Seth Kekoa Healy weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. He is 20" long, and has a full head of hair.


Seth's First Day

2:30am - Amy wakes up with a pain in her stomach. Her belly is hard, and we're wondering if she's going to go into labor just a few hours before the scheduled C-section! However, after a few minutes everything subsides and we're able to get back to sleep.


Ocho de Mayo

We wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Zipper's birthday should be this Thursday, May 8th! We went to the doctor on Thursday for our 38-week checkup and she told us that she was able to get the date she wanted for a C-section. May 8th is the beginning of week 39, and that's when they like to do scheduled C-sections because the baby is developed enough and it makes it less likely to go into labor before the C-section.


Countdown to Zipper

We just had an ultrasound on Monday at 36 and a half weeks. We've attached a few of the sonograms below. The ultrasound showed that everything was healthy with Zipper, and his weight estimate was 6 pounds 13 ounces. He's a good-sized baby! These are all 3-D pictures and you can really see his face this time around. His legs are tucked up near his head right now, so you can see his toes in front of his face. It's starting to get crowded in there! We think it's cool to see his features (chubby cheeks and lips), and the ultrasound tech told us he has a full head of hair at the moment.


34 Week Update

We went for our 34-week checkup last Thursday, which included another ultrasound (pictures below). Everything looked fine, including a strong heartbeat and growth of the baby. They estimated Zipper's weight from some measurements on the ultrasound, and they're guessing he's about 5.5 pounds (60th percentile). So he's just a little above average right now. We'll have another ultrasound in a couple weeks so they can check on his weight, and we'll talk about delivery details with Amy's doctor. We trust Amy's doctor, and she'll be advising us on our options as the date gets closer.


Amy, Jason, and Zipper at 29 Weeks

It's hard to believe that it's March already! Suffield has just started it's spring break, so Amy has three weeks off to rest up and get ready for a busy spring! The third trimester has just started (we just hit week 29), and little Zipper (our pre-natal nickname for him) is kicking away. I can feel the kicks easily now, and Amy is feeling them all the time. We can see Amy's belly moving with the kicks a lot of the time, which is a lot of fun.