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Blog Postings for April 2011

Long Overdue Updates - Busy Month of April

Wow, it's been way too long since we've written an update! It's been busy times around here these last couple months! After our fun spring break in March, we had lots of fun visits, birthdays, and outings in April.


A New Trick - Evan Rolls Over - and Seth Thinks It's Neat!

Time for a blog update to go with the big photo update Jason just did on our photo site. We had a great spring break in March, with Jason taking three days off each of the three weeks. It was really nice to have some extra time to just relax, catch up on sleep, and take a lot of day trips. We are doing pretty well going out the four of us now - we are definitely less hesitant to be out and about with Evan at his age than we were when Seth was this age. As a friend pointed out, having a second child is busier because you have two kids, but easier in some ways because you are not first-time parents and know what to expect a little more.


New Pictures Posted

Poor Seth is getting over a cough and had a rough night with little sleep last night (which meant we all had a rough night with little sleep). However, we're hoping he's on the mend and will be feeling better tomorrow.