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Blog Postings for April 2008

Countdown to Zipper

We just had an ultrasound on Monday at 36 and a half weeks. We've attached a few of the sonograms below. The ultrasound showed that everything was healthy with Zipper, and his weight estimate was 6 pounds 13 ounces. He's a good-sized baby! These are all 3-D pictures and you can really see his face this time around. His legs are tucked up near his head right now, so you can see his toes in front of his face. It's starting to get crowded in there! We think it's cool to see his features (chubby cheeks and lips), and the ultrasound tech told us he has a full head of hair at the moment.


34 Week Update

We went for our 34-week checkup last Thursday, which included another ultrasound (pictures below). Everything looked fine, including a strong heartbeat and growth of the baby. They estimated Zipper's weight from some measurements on the ultrasound, and they're guessing he's about 5.5 pounds (60th percentile). So he's just a little above average right now. We'll have another ultrasound in a couple weeks so they can check on his weight, and we'll talk about delivery details with Amy's doctor. We trust Amy's doctor, and she'll be advising us on our options as the date gets closer.