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Blog Postings for March 2012

All the Family Favorites in Hawaii!

We still had a little less than a week of our trip left, so we were ready to visit some of the Healy family favorites with Judy. On Thursday, the first order of business was getting Seth's stitches out!! This all went smoothly, and he was so excited to be rid of those stitches!


The Sun Comes Out!

The sun did come, and we took full advantage for the last few days of Mom's visit. Since Seth was no worse for the wear on Saturday, we headed out for another fun day of sightseeing. It still wasn't warm enough to go to the beach, but we had a great day driving to different places on the island. My brother's girlfriend joined us for our travels, and we all had a great time. First, we started out with a trip up to the Pali Lookout. It is a beautiful place to get a great view of the windward side of the island, and it sure is windy up there! Little Evan likes when we blow gently on his face, but he wasn't quite sure what to make of this!


Keeping the Urgent Care Clinic in Business

Many of you already know that we had a couple medical bumps on our trip with the boys, so I'll give a quick summary here. On Friday night, after we had gotten home from our big day of sightseeing, we were getting the boys ready for bed. Seth had just had a bath, and I was getting him ready for bed in our room. He was sitting up on our bed (which he has done many times before), and I was getting his pajamas. He found a book that he wanted to show to Evan, and all of a sudden he was on the floor crying. Somehow, he had fallen off the bed, and as we pieced together later (he told us most of the story), he slammed his face into the side of the wall. It was a freak accident that happened in a split second (I guess that's how they all happen). We could tell right away that he would need stitches - he split the corner of his lip open.


Hawaiʻi: The First Few Days - Amazing, Even in the Rain

We arrived in Hawaii in the early evening on Tuesday, March 6. We were all exhausted, but so excited to be in Hawaiiʻ! Mom and I waited at the airport with the boys while Jason headed out on the shuttle to pick up our rental car. For this trip, we rocked a sweet (ha!) mini-van! At home, we have our Mazda 5, but we knew we would need more room on our vacation since we'd have more adults with us. It was nice to have the extra space, but it was definitely more challenging having to drive and park a bigger car. All props go to Jason who did all the driving and parallel-parked that van in spaces that didn't even seem big enough for a compact car!


Hawaiʻi: First We Have to Fly There!

We were lucky enough to be able to schedule a trip back to Honolulu to visit Jason's hometown. We last visited two years ago, when Seth was just shy of two-years-old, and we had a wonderful time. We decided it was time for another visit, one that Seth would remember (he "remembers" our first trip through pictures and video), as well as a chance to introduce Evan to Hawaiʻi.


Pictures Through February

Suffield Academy has just begun their spring break, and we're getting ready to go to Hawaii! I figured we should catch up on the pictures from 2012 before we take a bunch of new ones on vacation.

This batch includes:

Evan's first birthday party (and his actual birthday)

A warm day outside in January (60 degrees!)

Evan starting to pull up

Sledding with Seth