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Blog Postings for February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day: Evan at 13 months - Dancing, Pointing, and Walking!

It's been a little while since my last blog update on Evan, and what better date to post than on Valentine's Day! Seth and Evan both had a fun Valentine's Day - fun at home, cute cards and gifts, and a fun party for Seth at Tiger School. Evan got to watch Seth make homemade Valentines this weekend, and I'm sure Evan will be right in the mix doing this next Valentine's Day!


S-S-Seth Starts with S! Seth at Three Years and Nine Months Old

Lately, Seth has been focused on sounding out words, especially trying to figure out the first letter of words. He is pretty accurate at it (although there are those confusing similarities like K/C/S and G/J - why is the English language so confusing!), and it is lots of fun to hear him sounding out his words. "S-s-Seth starts with S...p-p-people starts with p," and so on.