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Blog Postings for May 2012

Seth at Four Years - Such a Big Boy!

How did Seth get to be four years old? The time goes by so fast. He had a great time at both of his birthday parties this year. The party for his Tiger School friends at Bounce Town was so much fun! He was so excited to be the "guest of honor" - finally the birthday boy at Bouncetown! And there was a lot of bouncing done! Seth was so cute sitting at the head of the table with his birthday crown on. He was very excited about his rocketship cake! We had chosen that as the theme for his party when we picked out his invitations, and it's been fun to see how interested he has become in rocketships! Some of his favorite gifts were rocketships! He had a great time at his "grandparents"/Mother's Day party, too. It was fun to all be together and celebrate Seth.


Pictures from March, April, and May

I was on duty at Suffield this weekend, so I had some time to kill while overseeing students in detention. I made the best of it by catching up on picture sifting, and I'm proud to say that I'm all caught up with pictures from March (since our Hawaii trip), April, and May (through the 18th).

There are a ton of pictures; here are just a few of the things we've been up to:


Seth Turns Four - and Gets a New Bike!

Seth on his new bike

We can hardly believe that Seth turned four years old today! I was just re-reading our blog entries from the day he was born, and it's so hard to believe he is a big boy now and not a little baby. Though I tell him he will always be my baby, he is more interested these days in being called a big boy (remember, after Evan was born, he wanted to be called a "little guy" even though he was still Evan's big brother).