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Blog Postings for November 2009

November Fun

We've had a great few weeks with little Seth. First, a few weekends ago, we took Seth to see the Williams campus for the first time! It was homecoming weekend, so Papa was generous enough to host us plus many of our Williams friends. Jess, Steve, Chris, Cathy, Chuck, Jenn, and little Katie all stayed with us at Win's house, and we had a great time. It was fun to all be together, and Seth loved being reunited and running around with Katie. Despite a rainy weekend, we headed over to Williams on Saturday, and Seth got his first tour of the campus. We headed down to the football game so Chuck, Jason, and Steve could hang out with the band (Steve was the only one brave enough to stay there the whole day to play with the band), and Seth got to see his first football game. He learned how to say "football" and had fun splashing around in his raincoat when we walked around campus.


"Bless You, Mama"

Though almost anything Seth does warms my heart, the phrase "Bless you, Mama" when I sneeze or cough is about the cutest thing you could ever hear. In his sweet little voice, these words are just as cute as you would imagine! Jason has also been teaching him to say "I love you," and he is starting to learn that, too!


A Kitty Cat on Halloween!

Seth celebrated his second Halloween in style dressed as a black kitty cat with pink ears! Many of you will remember his Halloween debut last year as the cutest little cow. We had to follow suit this year with something equally as cute, and we think we delivered with the cat costume. There are pictures up on our photo site. When we tried the costume on Seth, he wasn't too keen about wearing the little kitty hood, but once he figured out he was dressing up as his beloved favorite animal, he got right into the spirit. He had fun giving Grams an advance preview of his costume over video chat.