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Blog Postings for July 2014

The Magic of Soundtrack

During a visit from the Rhode Island contingent, Amy's cousin Sachem shot a video of the boys playing with the Stomp Rocket. I guess the new iPhone shoots in slo-mo by default, resulting in an epic video.

However, watching 60 seconds of silent slow motion footage leaves you needing a little something... so I added the only sound that made sense.

Please enjoy.


Highlights From the Last Week - Summer Days in Shorthand

Because we've discovered that sometimes all we have time for around here is "short and sweet" (or nothing at all), here are some of the highlights of this last week, in bullet points and pictures. Because as they say, the days are long but the years are short. And we want to remember.

The babies had their first swim in the country club wading pool, with help from Grams.