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Some Musings on Yoga and Prayer

What better way to dust off the old blog than with some reflections on the similarities between yoga and Jewish prayer. My religious experience is with Judaism, but I'm hoping that some of what I'm saying might translate well to other religions' traditions or meditation practices.


To Nora and Maya: Three-Years-Old is Looking Good on You

Dear Nora and Maya,

My darling, bubbly, silly, loving, clever, verbal, gymnastics/yoga loving, infuriating, kissable daughters. You completed our family, rounding us out into four corners, adding symmetry to our hexagon. You made us into a family of six, and for that we are eternally grateful.


To Seth, My Newly Minted Eight-Year-Old

Dear Seth, You are eight, and I am 38. You like to point this out, that we will always be 30 years apart. Your mind grasps things like this. You are logical and inquisitive, curious and determined. It has been a privilege to watch you develop and grow during your time at Spaulding School, from kindergarten through second grade. You are finishing up your final year at Spaulding, and will be starting a new adventure next year in third grade at McAlister Intermediate School. Even though Evan will be starting in kindergarten at Spaulding, you two will ride the same bus together, and I know this will please both of you.


A Long Ago, But Not Forgotten, Twin Pregnancy

It's been a long time since I was pregnant with the twins. Three years ago, we were gearing up for the majestic unknown as we thought about how life would be after the girls were born. I've written before about all the turmoil and sorrow that was occurring in our lives during this pregnancy - my beloved father-in-law and my loving step-mother died within two weeks of each other just months before Nora and Maya were born. It's not possible to change that fact, or to have experienced the pregnancy with any other backdrop. However, I've never really written about the twin pregnancy itself, how it was as an experience. As the girls are approaching their third birthdays, it feels right to me to try to describe what an awe-inspiring experience it was being pregnant with them. Because I will never forget.


Let's Go!

From the pictures I post on Facebook, it's easy to focus on the fun activity we are usually participating in and not think too much about all the other messy details. Social media is fun that way. However, a lot of the time, be it coming or going, I feel like my constant mantra is "Let's Go!" And it's not always said nicely or patiently.


French Toast Thursdays

Every Thursday morning the dining hall is open is a French Toast Thursday. Jason has become the "brunch" chef in our house - when we have a relaxed weekend morning, he is a pro at whipping up french toast, pancakes, waffles, or crepes - following his recipes carefully. He is a computer scientist, after all.


The Season of Legos

Legos. Yes, sometimes I might curse them under my breath when I step on an errant piece. But otherwise, they are the stuff of dreams in our house. I don't think I played with Legos very much when I was little, but my brother definitely did. He has donated his old Legos to us for now, and when my boys were itty bitty, I guess I thought about this amorphous category of toys (Legos) similarly to how I think of blocks - you use them to build things.


Variations on a Theme

Friendships are important, life-sustaining. Friends from different stages of my life are crucial in different ways. Friends from youth have seen me develop from a little child into a teenager trying to figure out which direction my life would take (I am lucky to still have these same dear friends as my best friends, who have been with me along the journey for as long as I can remember). Friends from graduate school and early career have seen me traveling toward adulthood, still trying to figure out which direction my life would take! Friends from this unique place I live - Suffield Academy - are tremendous! A built in support network as I became a parent, and people I can always turn to for a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. Friends from town, my army of mom warriors, continue to support me and sustain me as my girls round the curve from toddlerhood to childhood, and I am so grateful to have made these friendships that buoy me up.