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Blog Postings for August 2009

Back From the Cape, Family Visits, and "A This"

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks! We have had a great August so far! The first week in August, we went to Cape Cod with our friends Chuck, Jenn, and their daughter, Katie, who is less than one day older than Seth. We had a great time. We stayed in a cottage in S. Yarmouth, and the cottage cluster had its own private beach just outside our door. It was perfect - we just walked out of the house and the beach was right down the stairs. Seth had so much fun - he loved the water and the sand. He would run right in to the surf, slowing down to let us hold his hand. He liked jumping waves, as well as being tossed and caught in the water by Daddy. He also had his toddler routines - he liked to chase the birds up and down the beach, and tried to throw every stone and shell into the water.


Great Time with Grams

This is Grams (Jason's mother) making a guest blog entry: I've been fortunate to be out East spending time around Seth, Amy, and Jason, and--unsurprisingly--Seth continues to be adorable! Is it possible that he could be even more darling than before? He's now sporting beautiful curls, and is on the go all the time. He accurately kicked and threw the ball to me one evening for at least a half hour, and his aim was dead-on.