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Blog Postings for August 2008

Seth Rolls Over! [13 weeks old]

Today Seth rolled over from his stomach to his back on his own for the very first time! He had been rolling "off" of his tummy time pillow for a couple of weeks, using it as a kind of ramp to get himself onto his back. But today we took the pillow away and he rolled over completely on his own!


Seth Gains a Sense of Humor

Literally overnight, Seth seems to have gotten a real sense of humor. Today he began to smile and cackle whenever we kiss his tummy. He smiles wide during the kisses, then pauses, and laughs when it's done (as if asking for more). Needless to say, we've been playing this "game" a lot today.


Seth Turns 1/4

Today is Seth's 3-month birthday. Sometimes he still seems so tiny and young, and at other times it seems he's changed so much and grown so quickly since he was born. I guess both are true: he has changed a lot, but he's still just a little baby.


New Photos

Been a little short on sleep lately, but we've finally had some time to catch up on uploading recent photos! We've uploaded pictures from July 16th on through today. The only photos we haven't had time to update yet are those of the Healy reunion, but we'll be putting those up soon (we promise)!