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Firefighters, Zebras, and Owls, Oh My!

A successul, but tiring, Halloween here. The weather held out just enough for us to take the boys out for house-to-house (the girls stayed home and napped). Evan and the girls got out earlier in the day for the daycare parade, so everyone got to show off their costumes at one point or another.


40 Fingernails and 40 Toenails

Amy, Jason, Seth, Evan, Nora, and Maya on October 10, 2013

Hello again little blog! It's been just about a year since we last wrote. What a year it has been, filled with many ups and downs. It is our intention to return more diligently to this space, as a way to continue to update our family and friends, and to continue to document our family life for us to look back on in the years to come. Recently, Seth has enjoyed hearing past blog entries read to him about when he was younger, and we look forward to sharing memories in this way with all our children. Jason has also been working away at organizing our pictures, and he has just posted the pictures from 2013 up through mid-May on our photo gallery site. Here's a recent shot of the whole family:


Good Morning!

Got a great picture of the girls this morning on our new floor mat:

They're looking more and more alike each day, and are really smiling and looking around.

(Bonus points if you know which twin is which!)