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Blog Postings for March 2009

Guest Entry From Papa (Jason's Dad)

Seth takes road trip to Hall Tavern Farm. Not the least intimidated by playing his game away from the home gym, Seth dazzled the audience with a series of new feats: a graceful turn around the corner of the sofa, a 180 turn with an object in one hand, six unaided steps with both hands raised, and a hilarious confrontation with a shower nozzle during the bath. For his final feat he held five adults completely captive over the entire dinner hour on Friday night. What a charmer!



Milestones Galore - Seth Walks, Gets More Teeth, and Gets His First Haircut!

It has been an exciting few weeks since we last wrote! However, poor Sethie was sick for much of the time - daycare was just decimated with so many germs, which is common for this time of the winter. Over the past month, he went from a cold to a cough to a stomach flu back to a could/cough. Of course, we ended up with the stomach flu, too, which was no fun. Seth finished up with an ear infection, but after starting antibiotics, seemed to be feeling much better. Now, he seems to be back to normal, as his appetite and energy are back. He seems so happy just to be feeling better that he is excitedly babbling and motoring around. We are so glad he is feeling better, though he was a good sport through everything. We have just finished the first week of our three week spring break, so we are hoping all the daycare germs will clear out in the interim!