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They Smell of Baby Cereal and Milky Breath

Nora and May as newborns

As I cuddle them to my chest, sometimes together, sometimes one at a time, they smell of baby cereal and sweet milky breath. They are almost eight months old. I read other people's blogs, the monthly baby updates, and think, I will backtrack and do that! But there is never time to backtrack and start from where I left off. Inertia. To start writing again, I must just start writing. From here, where we are. And backtrack as I can. I feel that I have a lot to say, to document, to savor, to memorize, to process. Should I write about more of my feelings in this space, in addition to all the milestones and memories I want to record? Let's see how it goes. Back in high school I fancied myself a writer, and while now that is far from the truth, I still feel that pull to put words to paper (or to blog). I certainly have a lot of material!