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Blog Postings for October 2009

New Pictures from October

We finally had some time to catch up on our photos last night, and so we've posted all the pictures that we've taken so far this month:

Photos from October 2009

Feel free to log in and have a look as it's been a busy month! We've gone pumpkin picking, visited family at the farm, seen the Wethersfield girls (including a pregnant Sarah!), and had a blast at swimming lessons.


From Baby to Little Boy...

At 17 and a half months old, we must admit our little Sethie is definitely more of a little boy than a baby (though he'll always be our baby, ha ha!). This has probably been obvious to most of you for some time, but perhaps the parents are always in denial as their little ones grow up? :)


Return of the Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is back! Well, it's been back for a little while now, but I've been trying to catch up on the large backlog of photos since the server crash in June.