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November Fun

We've had a great few weeks with little Seth. First, a few weekends ago, we took Seth to see the Williams campus for the first time! It was homecoming weekend, so Papa was generous enough to host us plus many of our Williams friends. Jess, Steve, Chris, Cathy, Chuck, Jenn, and little Katie all stayed with us at Win's house, and we had a great time. It was fun to all be together, and Seth loved being reunited and running around with Katie. Despite a rainy weekend, we headed over to Williams on Saturday, and Seth got his first tour of the campus. We headed down to the football game so Chuck, Jason, and Steve could hang out with the band (Steve was the only one brave enough to stay there the whole day to play with the band), and Seth got to see his first football game. He learned how to say "football" and had fun splashing around in his raincoat when we walked around campus.


"Bless You, Mama"

Though almost anything Seth does warms my heart, the phrase "Bless you, Mama" when I sneeze or cough is about the cutest thing you could ever hear. In his sweet little voice, these words are just as cute as you would imagine! Jason has also been teaching him to say "I love you," and he is starting to learn that, too!


A Kitty Cat on Halloween!

Seth celebrated his second Halloween in style dressed as a black kitty cat with pink ears! Many of you will remember his Halloween debut last year as the cutest little cow. We had to follow suit this year with something equally as cute, and we think we delivered with the cat costume. There are pictures up on our photo site. When we tried the costume on Seth, he wasn't too keen about wearing the little kitty hood, but once he figured out he was dressing up as his beloved favorite animal, he got right into the spirit. He had fun giving Grams an advance preview of his costume over video chat.


New Pictures from October

We finally had some time to catch up on our photos last night, and so we've posted all the pictures that we've taken so far this month:

Photos from October 2009

Feel free to log in and have a look as it's been a busy month! We've gone pumpkin picking, visited family at the farm, seen the Wethersfield girls (including a pregnant Sarah!), and had a blast at swimming lessons.


From Baby to Little Boy...

At 17 and a half months old, we must admit our little Sethie is definitely more of a little boy than a baby (though he'll always be our baby, ha ha!). This has probably been obvious to most of you for some time, but perhaps the parents are always in denial as their little ones grow up? :)


Return of the Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is back! Well, it's been back for a little while now, but I've been trying to catch up on the large backlog of photos since the server crash in June.


Raspberries, Haircuts, and "Beep Beep"

We've had a fun week with Seth, despite an early fall cold we all caught last week. Probably a result of all of us going back to school, and luckily, we all seem to be feeling better. Seth is such a trooper when he has a cold - really doesn't complain. All you hear is his little snuffly breathing when he's sleeping, and that tips you off that a cold is on the way!


The Triumphant Return of the Blog Archives

I've finally gotten some time to recover the blog texts that were lost when my server's hard drive crashed. You'll notice that there are a bunch of articles listed (again), and they may be marked as "unread" if you're using an RSS reader. If you were up-to-date before tonight, you can just mark those all as read, as there's nothing new.


The Weekend In Which Seth Masters His Slide, Recognizes His Shadow, and Plays a Trick on Daddy

We've had a good week this past week; Seth is back at daycare a few days a week, and I was back at work. It seems like his ear infection is cleared up, though he's been having some trouble sleeping. We think he might be working on tooth #14 - good thing there are only 20 baby teeth altogether! He's also adjusting to the new routine for waking up for daycare, so I'm sure it will even out soon (we hope!).


"No, No, Up, Up"

"No, no, up, up" is the phrase Seth uses to valiantly attempt to avoid naps and bedtime! Once he gets himself settled in his crib, he usually falls asleep without too much trouble, but as we get him zipped into his sleep sack and put him in his crib, we hear a chorus of "No, no, up, up." It is pretty heart-wrenching to hear his little words, but at least we know that once he is asleep, he enjoys it! We are hoping this stage will pass, and he will let us read him books before naps and bed once again without getting so sad!


Back From the Cape, Family Visits, and "A This"

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks! We have had a great August so far! The first week in August, we went to Cape Cod with our friends Chuck, Jenn, and their daughter, Katie, who is less than one day older than Seth. We had a great time. We stayed in a cottage in S. Yarmouth, and the cottage cluster had its own private beach just outside our door. It was perfect - we just walked out of the house and the beach was right down the stairs. Seth had so much fun - he loved the water and the sand. He would run right in to the surf, slowing down to let us hold his hand. He liked jumping waves, as well as being tossed and caught in the water by Daddy. He also had his toddler routines - he liked to chase the birds up and down the beach, and tried to throw every stone and shell into the water.


Great Time with Grams

This is Grams (Jason's mother) making a guest blog entry: I've been fortunate to be out East spending time around Seth, Amy, and Jason, and--unsurprisingly--Seth continues to be adorable! Is it possible that he could be even more darling than before? He's now sporting beautiful curls, and is on the go all the time. He accurately kicked and threw the ball to me one evening for at least a half hour, and his aim was dead-on.


A Trip to the Zoo, A Great Swim, and a Clean House

We've had fun over the past few days! On Saturday, we took Seth on his first trip to the zoo. We went to the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow on recommendation from a friend at school. It was great! A zoo that started as Mr. Lupa's personal collection, all the animals were in habitats that seemed very comfortable for them. Seth saw a bobcat, birds, monkeys, pigs, chicks, guinea pigs, ostriches, and much more. The highlight was that we got to go up on a platform and feed a giraffe! This was definitely the tallest living thing Seth has ever seen, and he was quite impressed!


Finally, An Update!

Well, we apologize for the long delay in posting a blog update. You must have wondered what happened to us!

The end of the school year snuck up on us, we went on vacation, and Jason's server broke. He had all the content backed up, luckily, but not the format, so he is working on fixing our blog and our photos page.

So, in the meantime, an update:


Hard Drive Crash = Bummer

Sorry for those of you that have been trying to access the site. The hard drive in our server died, and with it went the blog, the photo gallery, and a bunch of other stuff.


How Big Is Sethie? So Big!

Our little Sethie is getting so big! At his last weigh-in, he was just 2 ounces short of 20 pounds! Seth (and his parents) have been very busy since the last time we wrote. We've just finished our first week back at work after a wonderful three week spring break. We wrote last after the first week of the break, when we had a great weekend with Grams and Papa. Jason had to work during the weekdays of the break, though we took a day or two off at the end of each week so we could have some long weekends. During the weekdays, Seth and I enjoyed lots of extra time together. It was also nice to spend extra time with Grams, who was here visiting, and Geema, who had an afternoon off. With the nicer weather, we started to go for walks again, which was great. We had some friends visit, and we went to the public library. One day, I took him to a free klezmer concert (Israeli music) at the public library. Since he enjoys his Music Together class so much, I thought I would see how he liked live music. He was very interested in it, especially when the musicians played the instruments right near him! It was cute to see him enjoying the music.


Guest Entry From Papa (Jason's Dad)

Seth takes road trip to Hall Tavern Farm. Not the least intimidated by playing his game away from the home gym, Seth dazzled the audience with a series of new feats: a graceful turn around the corner of the sofa, a 180 turn with an object in one hand, six unaided steps with both hands raised, and a hilarious confrontation with a shower nozzle during the bath. For his final feat he held five adults completely captive over the entire dinner hour on Friday night. What a charmer!



Milestones Galore - Seth Walks, Gets More Teeth, and Gets His First Haircut!

It has been an exciting few weeks since we last wrote! However, poor Sethie was sick for much of the time - daycare was just decimated with so many germs, which is common for this time of the winter. Over the past month, he went from a cold to a cough to a stomach flu back to a could/cough. Of course, we ended up with the stomach flu, too, which was no fun. Seth finished up with an ear infection, but after starting antibiotics, seemed to be feeling much better. Now, he seems to be back to normal, as his appetite and energy are back. He seems so happy just to be feeling better that he is excitedly babbling and motoring around. We are so glad he is feeling better, though he was a good sport through everything. We have just finished the first week of our three week spring break, so we are hoping all the daycare germs will clear out in the interim!


Seth Takes His First Step - Plus New Photos!

We had a fun beginning to our week, with Uncle Brian and Geema spending a couple days with us in Suffield. Papa also came by for a visit on Monday. Seth was motoring around his playroom, showing everyone what he could do. I went downstairs to change out some laundry, leaving Seth upstairs. All of a sudden I heard everyone clapping and cheering. When I ran upstairs to ask what had happened, they said, "Nothing!" As if I would believe that! Turns out Seth took his first step, from Uncle Brian to Jason, but they didn't want me to feel bad that I missed it! He is getting more and more daring and taking bigger steps in between objects, but he still usually is holding on to the edge. So, I haven't seen a step myself yet, but I am sure there are more to come soon! It is very exciting.


Nine Months Old and Moving Right Along!

It's been a busy three weeks since we last wrote. A few weeks ago we realized Seth has been in the world now for longer than he was in utero - hard to believe time has gone by so fast! Seth has had lots of advances in the food arena. He is a very good eater, and almost always opens his mouth to be fed. When he is done, though, he is done - we can tell because he smears his food in his hair and his eyebrows! He is learning how to use a spoon - if we put a little food on it and hand it to him, he can usually manage to feed himself. He is learning to use his pincer grasp when picking up Cheerios and pieces of cheese. We notice that he does many things with his right hand, but likes to do the pincer grasp best with his left hand. It's interesting to try to guess if he'll be left handed or right handed. He is getting better at drinking water from a cup if we hold it for him, and he can also drink from a straw! They started him on it at daycare, and it is so cute! It makes sense, since he knows how to suck! Beef is definitely his favorite meat, but he is getting better with chicken. He's had cottage cheese, blueberries, raspberries, corn, potato, avocado, and pasta recently.


Seth Gets His First Teeth!

It's been a busy two weeks since we last wrote. About two weeks ago, we started to see the first signs of Seth's bottom teeth! His right bottom tooth felt high in his gums, but hadn't actually poked through yet. Then, this past Tuesday night, his left bottom tooth caught up and poked through! He didn't sleep well Tuesday and Wednesday nights (who can blame him - it must hurt to have those teeth coming through!), and by Friday morning both little bottom teeth were poking through. He looks so cute with the little jagged teeth buds poking through (luckily, he hasn't really bitten us yet). He's been quite the trooper - other than a bit of difficulty at night, he's really not complaining.


Seth At Eight Months: Pulling Up On Everything!

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year!) Seth has had a very busy month since we last blogged, and there's plenty to tell about. Little Seth is looking more and more like a little boy and less and less like a newborn these days. Here's a photo of the family together, with Seth giving a kiss to his mommy.