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Raspberries, Haircuts, and "Beep Beep"

by Amy

We've had a fun week with Seth, despite an early fall cold we all caught last week. Probably a result of all of us going back to school, and luckily, we all seem to be feeling better. Seth is such a trooper when he has a cold - really doesn't complain. All you hear is his little snuffly breathing when he's sleeping, and that tips you off that a cold is on the way!

We had fun with our friends from Williams this past weekend. Chris, Cathy, Jess, and Steve all came up for a fun weekend visit! Seth was excited to have so many more laps to sit on, and our friends are always so happy to see Seth. He had many books read to him over the course of the weekend, so he was super excited. He does this funny little backwards scoot when he is holding a book until he ends up in your lap to have his book read to him!

While our friends were here, we all went raspberry picking. We had initially tried to go apple picking, but circumstances lent themselves more easily to berry picking. This actually worked out really well because Seth could actually reach the bushes! After Chris showed him how to pick a raspberry, Seth ventured to try some on his own. He was so cute! After Jason and I showed him how to pick the red ones and not the white ones, he got the hang of it! He had a blast, and loved putting the raspberries into the bucket. He also thought it was cute to eat some, and to feed them to us. We have a book that Grams gave us about picking berries, so we tried to talk about it using that language. It was fun!

Seth had haircut number 4 today! His hair has gotten incredibly thick, wavy, and curly. We love it! Even so, it needed a trim, so I took him over for the haircut. We've found it works best if he is sleeping for the cut, so I made the appointment at a time when I thought I could get him to sleep in the stroller after a long walk. It worked, but he kind of half woke up when I took him out of the stroller. But, he was sleepy enough that he stayed all snuggly and let the hairstylist cut his hair. I just kept whispering to him about all his favorite things, and it was fine. It looks very cute!

Seth has started saying "Beep beep" when he comes near anything mechanical! The dishwasher, the microwave, the phone. It is very funny. And he is pretty smart that he knows what category of things go beep! His language continues to take off, as he added diaper, legos, friend, rhino, and giraffe to his arsenal!

We had a milestone in that we had a babysitter for Seth other than one of our mothers or daycare. Well, it was actually one of the women who works at daycare! :) But that counts, right? :) All three of us love this woman, and she came over on Sunday night when we had to go to High Holiday services. We were a little nervous because Seth had been having some separation anxiety at daycare, but he had a blast! He loved the one-on-one time, and kept talking about her when she left. In fact, the next night, when Jason and I were both playing with him, he went to the door and started saying her name!! We won't be offended - we'll take it as a sign that we should go out to dinner! :)