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Can I Have a Donut?

We have recently discovered that it is really true that toddlers generalize one experience and expect it to happen in other similar situations. When we go on car trips, we will often stop at Dunkin Donuts so I can get a coffee, and we will get some chocolate munchkins for Seth. We usually go through the drive-through, and Seth knows the drill. He always asks for a donut, and he has asked us for donuts at other restaurant drive-throughs as well, which, of course, makes sense. The other day we were driving to a medical complex for an appointment, and there was a guard station. We drove up and told the man why we were there. All of a sudden Seth pipes up from the back "Can I have a donut?" Jason was totally confused, but then I realized Seth thought anywhere with a "drive-through" would be able to serve him donuts. We laughed hysterically about this, and Seth realized that what he said was funny. We explained there were no donuts there because it wasn't a restaurant, and then he realized why it was funny. We all continued to laugh about this for quite some time!