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Blog Postings for February 2016

French Toast Thursdays

Every Thursday morning the dining hall is open is a French Toast Thursday. Jason has become the "brunch" chef in our house - when we have a relaxed weekend morning, he is a pro at whipping up french toast, pancakes, waffles, or crepes - following his recipes carefully. He is a computer scientist, after all.


The Season of Legos

Legos. Yes, sometimes I might curse them under my breath when I step on an errant piece. But otherwise, they are the stuff of dreams in our house. I don't think I played with Legos very much when I was little, but my brother definitely did. He has donated his old Legos to us for now, and when my boys were itty bitty, I guess I thought about this amorphous category of toys (Legos) similarly to how I think of blocks - you use them to build things.