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Variations on a Theme

Friendships are important, life-sustaining. Friends from different stages of my life are crucial in different ways. Friends from youth have seen me develop from a little child into a teenager trying to figure out which direction my life would take (I am lucky to still have these same dear friends as my best friends, who have been with me along the journey for as long as I can remember). Friends from graduate school and early career have seen me traveling toward adulthood, still trying to figure out which direction my life would take! Friends from this unique place I live - Suffield Academy - are tremendous! A built in support network as I became a parent, and people I can always turn to for a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. Friends from town, my army of mom warriors, continue to support me and sustain me as my girls round the curve from toddlerhood to childhood, and I am so grateful to have made these friendships that buoy me up.