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Blog Postings for May 2010

New Pictures Posted

We finally had some time this weekend to catch up on photos, and we've posted everything up through mother's day. This includes a haircut, a visit to western Mass, Seth's first trip to the dentist, a "toddler photo shoot", a visit with our college friends, Seth riding his tractor and his new helmet, Seth's birthday, and mother's day.

We hope you enjoy them!


Seth Turns Two and Gets His Cupcakes, Pudding, and Guitar!

Seth celebrated his second birthday on Saturday, and he had a great time at the birthday party at our house. Guests included Geema, Michael, Papa, Grams, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Joe, Uncle John, Aunt Nancy, Auntie Kara, Aunt Michele, Uncle Bill, Ericka, Walter, Jessica, and Lisa. The theme for Seth's party was music, as he loves to sing and dance these days. We had some fun decorations, including an inflatable guitar and saxophone that Seth enjoyed playing with. As soon as the guests started arriving, Seth stood in the middle of everyone bopping a balloon around, laughing gleefully. He had fun being doted on and being the center of attention. We were so grateful to have our family and friends present.


Little Sethie Gets Ready to Turn Two!

We can hardly believe that Saturday will be Seth's second birthday. The time has gone by so quickly! He has grown so much and learned to do so many new things since he was born that it is hard to keep track. We like to have these blog entries to help us look back and remember his growth and development.