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Blog Postings for May 2017

Alike But Not the Same

Nora and Maya were recently given a series of books authored by Grace Lin, detailing the adventures of a set of identical twins named Ling and Ting. Immediately, the girls were fascinated by these sisters, who as one title states, are "Not Exactly the Same." Ling and Ting have many similarities, but also have small differences that become more evident as you progress through the stories.


Seth Turns Nine

Tomorrow, Seth will turn nine-years-old. I try to mark each child's birthday with a blog entry of some sort, sometimes lengthy, sometimes just a photo essay. This week, I felt inspired to write a haiku for Seth. He has been writing them in school this year and has really enjoyed their form and structure. I sat with it for some time, and I tried to pick the most accurately descriptive words about Seth at this point in time. Sometimes, fewer words say more than many.

Haiku for Seth on his 9th birthday