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Blog Postings for January 2011

Our First Week At Home With Evan

We have been home with Evan for just over a week, as we were released from the hospital last Saturday. Just like with Seth, the discharge time was much later than the advertised 10:00am, but this time we were prepared and spent most of the morning relaxing rather than hurrying to go nowhere. Eventually everything was set to go, and we drove back home to introduce Evan to our house. Evan braved the unusually cold weather and did well with his first time in the car seat.


Settling In With Evan

We're approaching the end of our hospital stay (we go home tomorrow), so we just wanted to catch everyone up on the last two days with Evan. We've also posted the pictures from our stay so far in the hospital: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Seth Meets Evan

Today we got several early-morning visits from the doctors in the hospital. Amy is feeling better today, though she is still sore from the surgery. Evan is looking good, and the pediatrician gave him high marks for muscle tone and reflexes. Also, his mucus issues from yesterday seem to have subsided. He had been too sleepy to nurse since his first successful session immediately after birth, but the doctor's examination today woke him up enough so he wanted to feed again, and he had no trouble latching on and getting a good feeding. Since then, he's fed 5 times on a pretty regular schedule. Getting started with nursing seems easier this time around, as Amy knows what it feels like from when she nursed with Seth.


Tomato is Born!

We're very proud to announce that this morning at 11:49am, Evan Kainoa Healy was born. He weighed in at 7 pounds, with a length of 19.5 inches. Here's a picture of him:


Tomato on the Way!

Well, tomorrow is the big day - our c-section for Tomato is scheduled for January 18 at 10:30am. We are very excited - we've prepared the house as much as we can, and we are overjoyed to think about meeting our next little man. Of course, I am a bit nervous, even though I've been through a c-section before. We can't wait to meet him, and to have Seth meet him, and to be a family of four.


Developmental Milestones - Things We Want to Remember About Seth Since He Turned Two

Well, it is the day before Tomato is scheduled to arrive via C-section, and my best intentions to backfill the blog have fallen by the wayside. I am going to compile a bullet list of all the things I want to remember from the time when he turned two until now, when he is two years eight months old, and then focus on being better about updating the blog in the future!