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Blog Postings for July 2012

July (So Far) In Pictures: Outings, Camps, and Blueberries!

Lots going on around the Healy house in July so far. What better way to show you than with pictures!

Concentrating at the sand and water table:

Playing with trains at the library:

Making fairy houses with Geema at a library program:

Snuggling with Geema after a long walk:

Celebrating the 4th of July in Shelburne Falls:

Waiting for the parade:


June in Pictures: Concerts, Cape Cod, and Cousins!!!

We thought we'd show you what we've been up to this summer in pictures:

Building rocketships:

Playing ball (and playing with shoes):

Enjoying some snuggle time:

Having our annual photoshoot with Alexandra Tremaine, this year in Fairfield, CT:

Sitting in chairs in matching pajamas:

Having the Tiger Den End-Of-Year Show (in home-made tie-dye):


Evan at 18 Months - Our Little Monkey

It's just a few days shy of Evan's 18 month birthday, and he has changed a lot since I last wrote about all his milestones at 13 months!

Here is a recap of his milestones from the last several months!

13.5 months