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Blog Postings for September 2009

Raspberries, Haircuts, and "Beep Beep"

We've had a fun week with Seth, despite an early fall cold we all caught last week. Probably a result of all of us going back to school, and luckily, we all seem to be feeling better. Seth is such a trooper when he has a cold - really doesn't complain. All you hear is his little snuffly breathing when he's sleeping, and that tips you off that a cold is on the way!


The Triumphant Return of the Blog Archives

I've finally gotten some time to recover the blog texts that were lost when my server's hard drive crashed. You'll notice that there are a bunch of articles listed (again), and they may be marked as "unread" if you're using an RSS reader. If you were up-to-date before tonight, you can just mark those all as read, as there's nothing new.


The Weekend In Which Seth Masters His Slide, Recognizes His Shadow, and Plays a Trick on Daddy

We've had a good week this past week; Seth is back at daycare a few days a week, and I was back at work. It seems like his ear infection is cleared up, though he's been having some trouble sleeping. We think he might be working on tooth #14 - good thing there are only 20 baby teeth altogether! He's also adjusting to the new routine for waking up for daycare, so I'm sure it will even out soon (we hope!).


"No, No, Up, Up"

"No, no, up, up" is the phrase Seth uses to valiantly attempt to avoid naps and bedtime! Once he gets himself settled in his crib, he usually falls asleep without too much trouble, but as we get him zipped into his sleep sack and put him in his crib, we hear a chorus of "No, no, up, up." It is pretty heart-wrenching to hear his little words, but at least we know that once he is asleep, he enjoys it! We are hoping this stage will pass, and he will let us read him books before naps and bed once again without getting so sad!