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The Weekend In Which Seth Masters His Slide, Recognizes His Shadow, and Plays a Trick on Daddy

by Amy

We've had a good week this past week; Seth is back at daycare a few days a week, and I was back at work. It seems like his ear infection is cleared up, though he's been having some trouble sleeping. We think he might be working on tooth #14 - good thing there are only 20 baby teeth altogether! He's also adjusting to the new routine for waking up for daycare, so I'm sure it will even out soon (we hope!).

He's having fun back at daycare. They already taught him how to go down a little slide the right way by himself, which was great! I thought I would see if he could transfer that to our little slide in the backyard. I showed him how to climb up the little ladder, and when he couldn't quite figure that out, he hoisted himself up the ladder using his upper body strength and was so proud of himself! He went right down the slide, and then he would run back around to the ladder to take another turn, like they do in daycare. When he got too tired to hoist himself up the ladder, I was happy to help him up.

When he would come down the slide, he'd turn around and point at it and say "Seth." I couldn't figure out what he meant, until I realized he could see his shadow in the slide and knew it was him! He has just started to realize that it is him in pictures and mirrors, so this was a huge step! Very exciting. He is also becoming very patient at pouring sand and water in his water table. Last week, Jason showed him how to hold his shovel level so the sand wouldn't fall out. Today, not only was he doing that, but he was holding a little bucket shovel perfectly level and filling a cup with water right up to the brim! Our little experimenter! He definitely is a hands-on learner - you show him how to do something, and he remembers!

He is still loving bath-time - likes to pretend to wash his own hair over and over. He was playing "where is it" with the washcloth today - hiding the washcloth in the water and doing his "where is it" sign with one hand - so cute!

Jason just told me that Seth played a trick on him while I was at work. He lured Jason into the kitchen by saying "this this this" as usual, so Jason thought he wanted a drink. When Jason went into the kitchen, Seth scooted out into the dining room and shut the kitchen door on Jason, and laughed hysterically! As soon as Jason opened the door, Seth did it again. Our little jokester!