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Blog Postings for July 2009

A Trip to the Zoo, A Great Swim, and a Clean House

We've had fun over the past few days! On Saturday, we took Seth on his first trip to the zoo. We went to the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow on recommendation from a friend at school. It was great! A zoo that started as Mr. Lupa's personal collection, all the animals were in habitats that seemed very comfortable for them. Seth saw a bobcat, birds, monkeys, pigs, chicks, guinea pigs, ostriches, and much more. The highlight was that we got to go up on a platform and feed a giraffe! This was definitely the tallest living thing Seth has ever seen, and he was quite impressed!


Finally, An Update!

Well, we apologize for the long delay in posting a blog update. You must have wondered what happened to us!

The end of the school year snuck up on us, we went on vacation, and Jason's server broke. He had all the content backed up, luckily, but not the format, so he is working on fixing our blog and our photos page.

So, in the meantime, an update: