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"No, No, Up, Up"

by Amy

"No, no, up, up" is the phrase Seth uses to valiantly attempt to avoid naps and bedtime! Once he gets himself settled in his crib, he usually falls asleep without too much trouble, but as we get him zipped into his sleep sack and put him in his crib, we hear a chorus of "No, no, up, up." It is pretty heart-wrenching to hear his little words, but at least we know that once he is asleep, he enjoys it! We are hoping this stage will pass, and he will let us read him books before naps and bed once again without getting so sad!

We've had a great last few weeks of summer. Work has started up for me once again (or, it will tomorrow), so Seth will be back to daycare a few days a week. We went over for a visit today, and though he hesitated a bit at first, he was right back in the swing of things within a few minutes. I know he will enjoy himself playing with all the other kids.

Seth is learning to eat more and more new foods. Recently, he is really liking corn, tomatoes, and chicken. When we ask him if he wants chicken, he says "Buck buck buck." So cute! He is also getting better at using his fork and spoon. He has figured out that food is kept in the refrigerator, and sometimes will go over there if he is hungry!

He has started showing interest in doing his puzzles! Before, he would throw all the pieces off the puzzle or under the table. But, the other day, he started trying to fit the pieces into his safari puzzle from Grams. He's good at it, too! Also, his favorite new toy is a stuffed cat that Geema bought him that looks super realistic. There is lots of pretend play going on with the cat and his baby doll.

He is learning lots of new words, like "sit, shirt, eat" and many more. He has this word he says: "nurt." He says it when he hands us things and at other random times. We are not sure exactly what it means, but it is pretty cute!

We can't believe our little boy is 16-months-old! He has a full mop-head of curls right now - same color as mine, but much more curly! He is so cute! Can't wait for fun fall activities together: pumpkin and apple picking, and Halloween!