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Seth Takes His First Step - Plus New Photos!

by Amy

We had a fun beginning to our week, with Uncle Brian and Geema spending a couple days with us in Suffield. Papa also came by for a visit on Monday. Seth was motoring around his playroom, showing everyone what he could do. I went downstairs to change out some laundry, leaving Seth upstairs. All of a sudden I heard everyone clapping and cheering. When I ran upstairs to ask what had happened, they said, "Nothing!" As if I would believe that! Turns out Seth took his first step, from Uncle Brian to Jason, but they didn't want me to feel bad that I missed it!
He is getting more and more daring and taking bigger steps in between objects, but he still usually is holding on to the edge. So, I haven't seen a step myself yet, but I am sure there are more to come soon! It is very exciting.

Seth has been having fun during his three days a week at daycare. He is quite the hit there - all the 18 month-old-girls love playing with him!
He is so active there - he likes to pull up on their lego table and just about anything else he can find. His new favorite toy there is their play washing machine - he likes to open and close the door, and open and close the door. Sometimes he naps just fine there in his pack-n-play, but sometimes he is just too excited to nap there because there is so much going on. I guess this is pretty common at daycares. The other day they brought in his stroller (it has a snuggly bundle-me attached), and he took a 2.5 hour nap in his stroller!

Poor Sethie seems to have another cold/cough - of course, so do Daddy and Mommy. Poor Seth can't catch a break - oh well, his immunity should be great after this first year! He is still loving his Music Together class - he loves banging on the instruments. He's funny, he'll crawl out into the middle of the circle, and then he'll turn around and see me and crawl right back and give me a big hug! Seth got to be part of our Hamantashen Baking Party on Friday with the Jewish students at Suffield.
These are cookies we make for the holiday of Purim (an early celebration). This weekend, we also did some chores. Jason put in Seth's new convertible car seat, since he's outgrown his other one. He also put up a couple baby gates. I packed away Seth's clothes that he's outgrown in trunks in the basement. I can't believe he was so small!

Jason posted over a month's worth of pictures on our photo site - check them out!