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Seth Gains a Sense of Humor

by Jason

Literally overnight, Seth seems to have gotten a real sense of humor. Today he began to smile and cackle whenever we kiss his tummy. He smiles wide during the kisses, then pauses, and laughs when it's done (as if asking for more). Needless to say, we've been playing this "game" a lot today.

Additionally, Seth apparently figured out how to "blow a raspberry" during his sleep last night. While hanging out with Geema today Seth started sticking his tongue out and making a lovely "thbbbt" sound. This of course prompted Geema to do the same, and a new game was born. He doesn't always get the sound right, but you can see his little tongue sticking out and hear him blow, so he definitely knows what he's trying to do. We're looking forward to more new "games" soon!