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Seth Turns 1/4

by Jason

Today is Seth's 3-month birthday. Sometimes he still seems so tiny and young, and at other times it seems he's changed so much and grown so quickly since he was born. I guess both are true: he has changed a lot, but he's still just a little baby.

It's been an amazing three months, and it's been so fun to watch Seth grow. He's just over 14 and a half pounds, and it seems that more and more we're seeing little changes each day. He's much more alert during the day now, has started making more vocal noises, and enjoys "standing" in our laps (he can't quite balance on his own, but he does hold his weight well).

We're enjoying every minute of it, and looking forward to the next three months. While we're a little sad that he won't stay this small forever, we know that there are lots of other exciting developments on the way.