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Amy, Jason, and Zipper at 29 Weeks

by Jason

It's hard to believe that it's March already! Suffield has just started it's spring break, so Amy has three weeks off to rest up and get ready for a busy spring! The third trimester has just started (we just hit week 29), and little Zipper (our pre-natal nickname for him) is kicking away. I can feel the kicks easily now, and Amy is feeling them all the time. We can see Amy's belly moving with the kicks a lot of the time, which is a lot of fun.

The pregnancy itself is going along fine; all the blood work has come back normal, and the measurements are right on track for this point in the pregnancy. Amy's doctor thinks that we'll get another ultrasound around week 34 so we can get an idea of how big the baby is going to be. Meanwhile, we'll be taking several parenting classes during the break from school. We'll also be interviewing pediatricians, getting a tour of the maternity ward, and picking out a crib and other large items. It's all very exciting, and it's starting to feel more "real" as the date approaches!

We've included a few pictures from the 28-week mark (thanks to Win/Papa, who took the pictures!), and you can see that Amy's got quite a bit of belly at this point.

We hope you're all doing well! We'll try to send more pictures as we get a little further along.