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Evan Kainoa: Onward to Age Seven

by Amy

Dear Evan,

Tomorrow you will be seven. Each year, you grow and change. You surprise me with new skills and characteristics. Some of your sharp edges get smoothed out by the tides. You can tolerate more frustration; your sense of humor continues to develop.

As I did for your siblings, I’ve written you a haiku for your birthday:

Evan, age 7

Mischievous twinkle
sweetness; soft cheeks; dreams Legos
Always first in line

Evan, I love to walk beside you and hold your hand. I love to watch you run ahead. I love to stroke your cheeks. I love when you ask for special time with mommy. I love the excitement you expressed when you learned to crack an egg without getting shells in the bowl. I love to listen to you read and watch you build Legos.

Thank you for showing me the unique, strong boy you are becoming.

Love, Mommy