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A Sweet New Year

by Amy

You might remember that my One Little Word for this year is "sweeten." As we approach the start of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) this Wednesday evening, of course the word sweet is on my mind. It is traditional at this time to wish each other a sweet new year, as well as to dip apples in honey.

September also symbolizes a secular new year as well - a new school year. Whether it be experienced as a student, a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, or a bystander, September evokes a fresh start, the crackling sound as one opens a brand new notebook.

It's tempting to think that "everything" will be different in a new year, that this will be the year we finally meet our goals or find a better way to manage our time. I've learned that such thinking is bound to lead to disappointment because it's too big. We can't (and shouldn't) change everything. But we can focus on little things we'd like to adjust. Go to bed half an hour earlier. Finally (!) stay consistent with that behavior management system we came up with for our kids (ha). Cook one new meal a week. Anything, really.

But yet, many things will (must) remain the same. There will still be 80 finger and toe nails for me to trim every other week (that's not even counting my own!). I'm still going to go crazy trying to keep track of all the school papers that come across my kitchen table every week. Legos still hurt like nothing else when you step on them unexpectedly. We still have the people who make us happy, and the things we love to do.

So I'm going into this new year not with an overarching plan to change my life, but with a desire to focus on little things as they arise. One-on-one dates with my kids when I can manage it. Exercise to motivate me. Trying something new - teaching a scrapbooking class at my son's school. We shall see what else the new year brings. To all of you - I hope yours is sweet as honey.