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I Wanna Live a Life Like That...

by Amy

We're just back from Seth's second annual guitar recital. In the middle of this snowy day, only the most die-hard fans of all the performers were able to attend (read: parents and siblings).

Seth's guitar teacher always lets him choose his recital song, and after some consideration, Seth chose "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. Jason has made the kids a playlist of some rock/pop songs, and that's where Seth got his idea. He's been practicing for the last few months, and after a few weeks he decided he wanted to sing the lyrics as he played the guitar.

As Seth played the first chords of the song today and then started to sing, parents in the audience turned to each other with excitement as they recognized they were in for a treat. Seth did such a good job, and he got lots of well-deserved compliments. He laughs through some of his performance because he found it funny (and he knew the audience did too) that he (as an 8.5-year-old) was singing these unexpected lyrics about a much older person.

It think it was a great experience for Seth and for everyone who saw him!

If you can't see the video above, you can download the movie directly here: H.264 (iOS, Mac, Firefox, VLC) or WebM (Chrome, Android, others).