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First Days

by Amy

This week marks the beginning of back-to-school for all four kids - Nora and Maya on Monday, Seth on Tuesday, and Evan on Wednesday.

The girls will once again be spending two to three mornings a week at our fabulous campus daycare, Tiger Den. They have a wonderful time there, and it is good for them to have experience socializing with other children before they start pre-school in the fall of 2016. It is also good for me to have a couple mornings a week to attend to tasks around the house, as well as have some time to focus on my own projects and - gasp - relaxation!

This morning, while the girls are at daycare, the boys and I are at their last swimming lesson for the summer, then we will go to lunch before picking the girls up. We can't wait to hear what stories Maya and Nora will have to tell when they get home!