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Up and Running

by Amy

Jason has been working hard this summer on reformatting our blog, as well as making it easier for me to post entries with pictures. Though I haven’t written as much in the last couple years as in years past, it is still very important to us to maintain our family blog. It seems appropriate to post a short welcome back entry tonight, as we are preparing for all the kids to return to school this coming week.

We’ve had a very nice summer, busy and full. Now we are looking forward to getting into the routine of school and our favorite fall activities. My goal is to visit this space much more often, as I find writing to be a very enjoyable and fulfilling activity. We also love to look back on all the reflections, milestones, and memories contained in these pages.

Happy first days of school to all of you starting soon! Hope you made it through your last lazy days of summer without too much struggle!