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A Rainy Hayride and Taking Care of Some Business!!

by Amy

On Saturday, we went to an end of season farm festival at the local farm we had a farmshare from this summer. Papa was visiting, so he came along for the fun. It was a great little festival. Seth got to pet a goat, and there were also sheep there. Seth enjoyed playing with the little demonstration spinning wheel and looking at the yarn. There was a neat little craft where the kids could paint with vegetables - sliced peppers and apples and corncobs dipped in paint made beautiful patterns. Evan was content to observe events from the Beco, and the weather was beautiful. So beautiful that we left our coats in the car, happy for a nice day after two days of pouring rain.

After a little bit, the farmer let us know that the next hayride would be taking place. We were all excited for this, so we piled on the wagon. Lots of families on board, ready to see the sites. The farmer would stop every so often to point out different crops, which was interesting. All of a sudden, we started to notice that the skies were getting very dark and ominous. Oh well, we thought, we'll be back to the farm tent in just a few minutes. When it started sprinkling, we thought that a little rain wouldn't hurt. When it started pouring, we scrambled around for hats and blankets from the diaper bag to cover Evan and Seth. Papa put his camera under his shirt to protect it. When it started hailing, I grabbed the diaper pad and put it over Evan's head to protect him. He thought this little cocoon was so cozy that he almost fell asleep. Seth started laughing and singing "Rain Rain Go Away." Papa hoped the farmer wouldn't keep stopping to point out the lettuce.

We made it back to the tent, and after a few minutes the rain stopped. Evan was pretty much perfectly dry, and Seth was not too wet. The cameras were fine. The three adults were quite sopped, but we knew this would quickly turn into a funny story once we dried off. There was a great band playing some good old songs, and Seth decided to request his new favorite song "Takin' Care of Business" (to which he knows all the words). The band obliged and we all rocked out to this tune while thinking of hot showers and warm blankets. A fun day despite the unexpected rainy ending. Here's a couple shots of us after our hayride: