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June - Getting Into the Swing of Summer

by Amy

We started the month of June with Seth's last week of daycare - they are closed when school is not in session. It was great to have Seth go to daycare in the mornings in the spring to give me some bonding time with Evan and to get used to parenting two kids, but by now it seemed perfect for daycare to be ending and to get to have Seth and Evan home all day. Seth had his first field trip - a bus trip to a farm, which he loved! We also had his end of the year concert, which was fun. They had been working on the songs all spring, so it was fun to see them all singing together! He was excited to have Auntie Kara and Grams at the concert, as well!

Seth was invited to a couple fun birthday parties, one with all the campus kids in the quad, and one at the carousel at Bushnell Park. It is fun to see Seth interacting with his friends he has known for so long, and Evan is always a mellow, willing companion when we go out. We started hanging out at playgrounds and having picnics, too - fun summer activities.

We did a couple swimming lessons for both the boys - all four of us in the pool at the same time! Seth is getting to be quite the little swimmer with the floatie belt he used, and Evan really enjoyed being in the pool. We also had our annual photoshoot for Seth's 3rd birthday - so fun to have Evan be part of the photoshoot for the first time (well, we did one in November when he was in my tummy!).

The rest of June was spent finding a rhythm for our days at home together - "Mommmy, Sethie, Evan days" as Seth likes to call them, and getting some overnight trips with both boys under our belts. Summer at work is nice for Jason because he is able to come home most days for lunch, and there is plenty of time when it is still light out when he gets home for lots of adventures!

We took our first overnight trip to Hoboken, NJ to stay with Chris, Cathy, and Eleanor. It went really well, and that gave us confidence that we could do the overnights with both boys! Seth had a blast at Chris and Cathy's "city," and they were very gracious to let us take over their guest room. Seth thought that the term "city" referred to their apartment, so when we were out and about around the actual city, he kept asking when we were going to go back to "Chris and Cathy's city." Evan and Eleanor had fun being babies together, and we can already picture them toddling around together a year down the road. Between all the playgrounds and cupcakes that Hoboken had to offer, Seth was a big fan, as were we!

We also met Sharon and Phu's new baby, Colin, in June - he is such a cutie, and Seth and Kayla always have a blast together. It is always so much fun to be with my Wethersfield friends and our kids - we have known each other for so long it is amazing to see our kids playing together!

We celebrated Father's Day by walking on part of the Rail Trail in Congamond, MA, and eating at this really cute little brunch place at the beginning of the trail there - a perfect, chill day! One day we brought Daddy a picnic at work, and then went to a puppet show at the public library. It was a showing of the Frog Prince, Seth's first puppet show. We had made some sock puppets at home that day, and Seth watched the puppet show with one of our puppets on his hand the whole time! He was a little scared in the beginning, but then really got into it. Evan is such a good sport when we go on these outings - he sleeps in the stroller or on me in the carrier. I am a pro at nursing in the field now, so we can continue to have fun outings without worrying too much about the nursing schedule!

We went strawberry picking with Geema, and she also got to participate in one of the boys' swimming lessons. We went with Geema to have Evan meet Aunt Charlotte for the first time, which was great. We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa on Father's Day evening, and the boys entertained as always! It was great to celebrate the day with them.

We finished up June with a fun visit to Charlemont with Jason's family. We stayed with Papa (Jason's dad) for several days, because there was a big 80th birthday party taking place for Win's cousin, Ann. So in addition to many extended family members, we got to spend lots of time with Grams, Papa, Auntie Lissa, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Forrest, cousins Mira, Luca, and Sierra, and Uncle Than. It was great to meet Luca (two months older than Evan) and introduce Evan around. It was also fun to meet Jason's cousin's (Dai and Liz's) new baby, Sophie. It was fun, because we had Sophie at 3 months old, Evan at 5 months old, and Luca at 7 months old!

Seth and Mira had a blast together, really interacting and playing together for the first time since they are now both three! Mira and Seth each brought some trains, and they had so much fun playing together. It was fun to watch them work through any issues that arose, only needing minimal adult intervention. Cousin Sierra is wonderful with the kids, and it was fun to see them all together. Great to catch up with Sarah, Forrest, and Than, and Auntie Lissa is always up for fun with her nieces and nephews! She is an excellent auntie! Always fun to enjoy nice afternoons on the lawn with Grams and Papa!

So that was June!