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Hellos and Goodbyes

by Amy

We started the process of saying our good-byes this morning, sending Tom off to work and hanging out with the Williams family.

As fate would have it, our friend Tanya from Suffield Academy also planned a Hawaii trip this spring break, and she had just arrived to start her visit. We picked her up at her hotel to give her a tour of some of the things to do on Oahu. Jason started it off right by picking up some fresh malasadas!

It didn't phase Seth to see a familiar face from home - he just accepts everything at face value! We headed back to the Kahala beach for one more fun time in the sun (with sunscreen, of course!) before heading back home. Seth had fun showing Tanya the beach and the dolphins. After we were done with the beach, Seth immediately fell asleep in the car, and we brought Tanya over to Manoa Marketplace for some manapua - we thought this was fitting since it was the same place we came for lunch on our first day in Hawaii this trip. On the way back to Tanya's hotel, we stopped for shave ice, so Jason could get one more taste before we headed back.

Upon arriving home, we did some frantic packing while Tommy, Ivana and Anne were nice enough to entertain Seth by letting him walk Bandit around the house. It was sad to say goodbye, as we had such a nice visit.

At the airport, Seth immediately made friends at the gate with another almost-two-year-old, and also happily waved "bye-bye to Hawaii" before we boarded the plan.

We spent the next 24 hours or so in transit. It was a long three flights, but Seth (and Jason, as Amy gets dizzy on planes) did a great job. We are glad to be back home, and have so many wonderful memories that we took with us!

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