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A Day with the Whites(s)

by Jason

We headed out this morning to pick up malasadas at Leonard's, and brought them with us on a visit to Sarah White. She had a blast playing with Seth, and he had fun poking around her apartment looking for her cat Lulu (who hid under the bed most of the time). Seth even sat still for a group photo at the end of the morning.

After a solid afternoon nap, we headed back to Manoa to the Punahou campus to visit with Dave and Laurie White (no relation to Sarah). Dave and Laurie are good friends of my family's, and Dave was my 6th grade science teacher. He's now the science coordiantor at Punahou, and happily showed Seth some of the cool toys that he had in the workshop. Despite there being two mice, one rabbit, several fish, balls of all sizes, and other cool stuff around the workshop, Seth was most interested in the guitar he found behind Dave's desk. He had a blast, though, and we all got to catch up for a little while.

Because Seth kept talking about the hula show we saw earlier in our visit, we headed back to Waikiki to catch another show. We were treated to a beautiful sunset at Kuhio Beach, and then the moment Seth was waiting for arrived. The "man with the shell" came out to announce the start of the program, and Seth sat in rapt attention. It was actually the same group we had seen earlier, but they played a few different numbers. Seth danced along with a few of the songs before getting antsy and wanting to go. Before we left, he took a picture with some of the hula dancers.

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