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Around the Island

by Amy

Today we decided to take a drive around to the North Shore to do some sightseeing. We started with a trip up to the Pali lookout, where we had a great view of the island. Seth thought it was very windy!

We drove for quite some time, and stopped at one of Jason's favorite beaches, Laie. Seth was sleepy in the car and said he wanted to "sleep in his bed at home," but as soon as we fed him lunch, he dropped off for a nice nap. We stopped in Kahuku and picked up some sweet corn, which we enjoyed later that evening for dinner with the Williams.

We had lunch at a Cholo's (a Mexican restaurant in Haleiwa) while Seth slept beside us in the stroller. Then we headed out to for posterity.

We had thought that we might go swimming with Seth at Mokuleia, but apple for a snack while playing in the surf.

We discovered a new game to play with Seth as we little hands had pruned up and he was a little cold, so we packed up and headed home.

Back at the Williams' house we cooked the Kahuku corn that we bought earlier and enjoyed leftovers from the barbque from Saturday. Seth continued his friendship with Bandit by taking him for a walk (with Anne's help). After taking several laps around the house, he and Bandit both dropped off to a sound sleep.

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