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Big Waves and Buzz's

by Amy

This morning, Jason cooked a great brunch for the Williams, complete with eggs, bacon, and sweet bread french toast. It was fun to have a leisurely brunch together. Seth had been just a little fussy over the past couple days, and he had had an ear infection before we left home, so we decided we wanted to get him checked out just to make sure his ear infection hadn't come back. Anne told us about an urgent care center right in Kahala that was very good, so he brought him in for a visit. They were great - it was very quick, and they were very nice. We were happy to find out that Seth did not have an ear infection anymore!

Then, we decided to carry on a Healy family tradition of swimming at Lanikai beach followed by a cold shower and dinner at Buzz's, so we headed off to Kailua. Seth noticed that this beach had more waves than the previous beaches, and he headed right into the water for some fun in the waves. He our family at Kailua.

It was fairly cold and windy, so Seth decided after a while that he had had enough. He got cold very quickly, but we managed to warm him up and get him changed, and he was quite entertained by some boys who were running up a curved tree to see how close to the top they could get.

We headed across the street to Buzz's, and took a nice family picture. Seth was a very good diner, even earning some compliments from nearby patrons. We had a yummy dinner, and then headed home. As we were driving home, Seth started remembering fun things we had done during our trip - this was very interesting for us to hear, as we often wonder what he is thinking. He talked about how he saw "shark teeth" at the aquarium, "a man playing a shell, on his mouth, doo doo doo" and "hula dancing with guitars," looking for Pika (the cat at the house where Pat was house sitting), playing with "baby Jake," seeing "tigers." We feel lucky we were able to come on this trip and give Seth so many new experiences.

Before bed, he kept talking about hula dancers, so we told him we could go to see the show again on Tuesday. Poor little guy got the wrong idea, because he asked us to put on his shoes and his hood, then took my hand and said "go in car and see hula dancers now." Guess we have to work on the days of the week now! :)

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