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Family BBQ and Seeing Dolphins

by Jason

When we woke up today, Seth was excited to play with Tommy. Tommy, Ivana, Anne, Tom, and Bandit have all been very good sports about playing games with Seth. This morning, Seth created a game where he would Bandit.

Tommy had told us that the Kahala Mandarin hotel had a pool with dolphins, so in the late morning we headed over to check this out. We parked at the garage at the hotel and headed over to see the dolphins. Seth thought the dolphins were "awesome" - they did some tricks and swum around, and it was interesting for all of us to see the dolphins swimming.

There is an entrance to Waialae beach right by the hotel, so we spent the rest of the morning playing on the beach. Seth had fun with his new pails and shovels, and he also met a four-year-old boy named Austin who was playing with a toy watering can. Seth was VERY interested in the watering can, and when Austin told Seth he could use the toy, Seth just about jumped up and down with excitement. He spent quite some time walking down to the water and coming back up to shore carrying his "heavy water" (said in very deep voice). We all had a eating a cracker.

Back at the Williams' house, Anne found a cane to sleep.

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