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Visiting Punahou

by Jason

Aloha Friday! Today we headed back to my old stomping grounds: Punahou School. Because school is still in session, we didn't set up too many appointments ahead of time. We just went and ran into whoever was around.

We started off by setting up camp in Ruth Fletcher's office. She was my 9th grade biology teacher, and is now one of the deans for the senior class. While in her office, we also ran into Barbara Tannehill, who was dean of my class and also a good friend of my family's. They were both very excited to meet Seth.

Seth got a little restless, so we headed outside to take a picture of the whole family before she had to get back to her office.

Seth spotted a slide on the middle field playground, and took several trips down it before we managed to convince him that the slide needed to "take a nap" and we headed off to other parts of campus. This is the same slide that used to be right across from my house on Barwick Playground.

We headed around the Academy part of campus, bumping into all kinds of friends and former teachers (note to the Healy family: all these people say hi and send their best to each of you). We saw Carl Ackerman, and Jim Scott. While some of these people did not recognize me immediately, as soon as they were introduced to "Win Healy's grandson," all the pieces fell into place.

We swung by the cafeteria, but they didn't have any nostalgic meals for me to eat (I was hoping for fried rice, but they only had chicken parm). Before leaving, we hit the bookstore and picked up a Punahou shirt for Seth to wear, and he got a few pencils to play with as well.

By the end of all this visiting Seth was totally exhausted so we headed home for a nap. We also visited with Anne and Tom Williams, who had just returned from their vacation in Australia. They had a great time getting to know Seth.

In the afternoon, we headed one ridgeline over to visit Pat Chee who is a good friend from Punahou. He was housesitting for friends, and the house had a pool, so several of our friends from the class of 1996 came over, and we had fun playing games and hanging out. Seth had fun meeting Jake, the one-year-old son of Marilyn Nii.

After a night of fun and games, we headed home for some much-needed rest.

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