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Visiting the Aquarium

by Jason

Seth had another early wake-up this morning (4:30am), so we took shifts with him until the sun came up and we were ready to face the day. We took the opportunity to catch up on some pictures, pre-cook some meals, and play with Seth in the Williams' lovely (carpeted!) living room.

After Seth's nap, we headed to Waikiki to visit the aquarium. The aquarium is the perfect size for a toddler visit, as the whole thing takes a little over an hour. There's a running around.

Right next to the aquarium is our favorite beach, Kaimana, so sitting in the pool and sticking his shovels into the sand. He made himself a little slide along one edge of the pool and had fun crawling up and sliding down. He is definitely taking after Jason in that he did not want to leave the beach! He calls it the "ocean water," and we will definitely be making lots more visits to the beach while we are here.

After we got home and had dinner, Seth had fun playing in the "playroom" (living room) and jumping around with Tommy, who was very nice to follow all orders that Seth gave out - "lie down, Tommy!"

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