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Walking in Waikiki

by Jason

Seth woke up bright and early at 4:00am, but we managed to get him to go back to sleep for a couple hours before waking up for good at 6:30. After having some breakfast, we got our beach stuff together and headed down to Waikiki for our first beach trip.

We decided to visit Kaimana as our first stop, as the calm waters were perfect for Seth. It was very windy, and a little chilly, but Seth had a blast in the sand, and also took a little swim in the water.

He was very tired after his morning at the beach, and promptly zonked out in the car. We decided to let him nap, so we killed some time by heading up to Manoa. We drove through Punahou on the way to see the (sad) remains of Jason's house at 45 Piper's Pali, and then headed up to Manoa Marketplace to get some Island Manapua and shave ice.

On our way back home, Seth woke up but fell back asleep. Determined to let him keep napping, we drove past Waialae and continued around Koko Head to Makapu'u. We stopped to see the blowhole (an old lava tube where the waves enter horizontally and shoot upwards), and then on to Makapu'u beach.

Seth continued to zonk.

Finally, we returned to the house, and Seth woke up from his nap. We showered and ate, and then headed back to Waikiki to catch the sunset. On the way, we stopped to perform the time-honored Healy tradition of running around the Dillingham fountain. Sadly, the fountain wasn't lit or running, but nevertheless we ran around it (3 times!).

We walked in to Waikiki to "play tourist" and watch the sunset torch-lighting and hula show. Another couple took our picture before the show started. Once it came on, Seth was absolutely mesmerized. He watched the performers playing their instruments and dancing, and Amy got him to try and move his hands like the hula dancers. He had a blast!

We made our tourist evening complete by stopping at an ABC store (Amy picked out a Humu puzzle for Seth, and Seth picked out a pail and shovel for the beach), and going to the international marketplace to poke around for a bit.

On our way home, Seth wasn't sleepy yet, so we stopped by malasadas. While Jason was inside, Amy taught Seth to say "I love malasadas! They're YUMMY!!", which was a lot of fun. We brought the malasadas home to share with Tommy and Ivana, and I'm sure there will be more for breakfast tomorrow...

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