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Settling In!

by Jason

Today was our first full day on O'ahu. We were lucky enough to wake up to a beautiful rainbow over Diamond Head, so we knew our vacation was underway!

We needed to get some provisions, so we headed down the hill to do a little shopping. We quickly got the essentials: slippers and sunscreen from Longs, toddler and grown-up food from the supermarket, a floppy beach hat for Seth, and also a cupcake for Seth since he was being so good. We picked up Zippy's for lunch, making the first of what will surely be several trips.

We came home for naptime to rest, and Seth took a major nap (still catching up from the trip). He finally woke up late in the afternoon, and we decided to head back out.

We went up the hill a little ways to visit with Molly Strode, who we've stayed with in the past. She was leaving the next day to visit her son Michael, who is Jason's friend from high school. We had a fun visit with her, and she got to meet Seth and see him in action.

After that, it was close to sunset, so we headed down to Waialae beach park to dip our toes in the water. Seth got his first experience with the Pacific ocean just before it got dark.

We got tired pretty early, so we headed for bed soon after we got home. We knew we'd have another big day coming up!

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