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Safe and Sound in Hawaii

by Jason

It's been a very long day, but I'm pleased to report that we're finally here in Hawaii! Seth was a very good boy on both of our flights, and he got several compliments from his fellow passengers.

Seth watched some videos, read his books, and went "running" up and down the aisles on his flights. He was very well-behaved, especially when you consider that he only took one (!) nap during the whole trip.

On the Chicago-Honolulu leg, "Seth" submitted an entry for the "Halfway to Hawaii" game (when you must estimate the time when the plane is exactly halfway to its destination). Lo and behold, as we're beginning our descent to Honolulu, a flight attendant shows up at our row with a bottle of wine for Seth! He was the closest guess and only missed by 24 seconds! We promised to save the wine until he's 21 years old.

Now we're settling in at the Williams' house where we'll be staying for our trip. Tommy and Ivana are our hosts right now, and are making us feel quite at home.

Poor little Seth finally racked out on the car ride from the airport (he literally drooled on his car seat because he was so tired). Amy and I are pretty tired, too, so it's off to bed for everyone.

We'll have more soon, so stay tuned!