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Ode to Kindergarten Teeball

by Amy

It's finally Evan's turn at the tee after years of watching Seth; hold that bat, his coach decrees, lest its early swinging scare him to death.

This will be easy; this is simple as pie, thinks Evan at the plate. Yet, why do I keep hitting tee, not ball - how much longer must I wait?

Finally, the bat connects; the ball is off with a smack! Now it's my time to round the bases - of excitement there is no lack!

Off in one direction; no time to think, just run! Oops, Coach turns me around the other way - first base is a tricky one!

Now it's time for our stretch in the field; ready position and stand in line. Wait, is my glove on the right hand? Who knows, either way will work just fine!

This is taking an awful long time; I thought baseball was exciting. Oh well, I can wait a little bit longer - at least no one on the team is fighting!

Here it comes; she hit it! The ball's now coming down the field! I'll stop that shot and scoop it up - my attention will not yield!

And now I'll toss it in, but where? Where did Coach say to throw? I'll aim my arm and give it a try - not sure where it will go!

Wait, what's that; the clarion call - immediate action I must take! It's finally here, the event of the night - the first time for a water break!

Later on, at game's end, it's time to pack up, a quick exit to make. But not before that rite of passage - the ubiquitous good game handshake!